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News from UC’s Faculty of Science

If you haven’t yet, tune into our weekly science podcast UC Science Radio for great insights into a variety of subjects, straight from the scientists themselves. The latest episode is this enlightening journey into Dark Matter from Dr Chris Gordon!

You can also keep up-to-date with our science activities and events on our Facebook page and UC Science Outreach page on our web site.  If you’d like further information please get in touch with us at

Save the date for the following events, registration information will be sent soon

College of Science, University of Canterbury
Te Rāngai Pūtaiao, Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha
Phone: +64 3 369 4108

PIHMS – Recording of Information Session Available

Pacific International Hotel Management School is where you can live, study and learn in our world class student campus hotel facility.

You can…

  • Earn up to $30,000 during your study – paid industry placements at PIHMS throughout your study
  • Enjoy a hotel lifestyle while studying – real life learning within the hotel school. Students fulfill all roles within the hotel school from food and beverage, front office, housekeeping and management
  • Qualifications from undergraduate to Masters Degree

They have recorded the live information session they ran and it is available using the following link.


Photo by Nik Lanús on Unsplash

Everything that Teenagers need to know about Money

We wanted to put something together for teenagers about money, but not make it boring.

What we published went viral yesterday on social and within schools.

We were overwhelmed with shares and e-mails. We heard:
“I’m not a teenager anymore but I can still take some of this info and put it to good use”

“Fantastic work, it will be great to show this to my teenager rather than her just switching off every time I talk to her! Keep these guides coming!!”

And here it is:

NZ Navy Recruiting


Royal NZ Navy applications are open! They are still taking applications for Navy BCT 20/2 starting on 24 August 2020, for the following trades:

🔹Combat Systems Specialist
🔹Communications Technician
🔹Communications Warfare Specialist
🔹Electronics Technician
🔹Logistics Supply Specialist
🔹Marine Technician
🔹Operational Administrator

You must be physically and medically fit, have all your required paperwork in order, and meet all our entry requirements. Are you eligible?

👉Apply now!

We are still waiting confirmation of dates for RNZN Junior Officer Common Training 20/2.

If you are interested in a different Navy trade, get your application in now to be considered for 2021 intakes.

Students – Job Prospects Look Difficult, But This Isn’t A Judgement On You

If you are in your final year at school, college or university, you are likely anticipating some big and unexpected challenges when it comes to your future. Locked out of the library and in your house, you are probably still waiting to hear about how you will get the qualifications that you have worked so hard for. But by the time you get to June or July you will be asking, what happens next? Will we still have careers after Covid-19?

No one is going to be able to give you a definite answer about how to plan for your future at the moment. What data we have suggests that young people entering the labour market are going to find it tougher than ever as employers cut back on jobs for school leavers, apprentices and graduates.

As you face this situation you should remember that it is not a judgement on you. There will still be jobs out there, but if you don’t get one straight away, you won’t be alone! You can’t direct the global economy, but you can work on the things that you have some control over.

Firstly, try to recognise that this will pass and that you should remain positive. Yes, it is likely to impact on your plans. It may mean that it will be more difficult to find the job that you want. But you have some control over your life, and you can make choices about how you respond.

Secondly, seek help. Find a careers adviser through your school, college or university — we are still here offering careers support remotely. Careers professionals can help you to explore your options and find opportunities. Some of you will have serious and immediate concerns about your family, your finances and part-time work that has suddenly disappeared: your school, college and university can help you to deal with these problems as well.

Thirdly, try to consider how you spend your time while you are social distancing or self-isolating. Now is a good time to plan for your future, do some research on careers and think about what interests you.

But, be careful of too much introspection. Your career is not just about what you do in the future, it is about what you do now. Our careers are how we make our own lives, but they are also how we influence the world around us. So, even though you might be in isolation, try to keep reaching out and participating in the world.

Be careful of too much introspection. Your career is not just about what you do in the future, it is about what you do now.

Continue to study. Although it may feel like you have been banished from education, most schools, colleges and universities are doing their best to provide you with an opportunity to learn. You may still have a chance to influence the qualification that you will receive. Do your best to keep studying and let your teachers and lecturers know when you are struggling.

Keep well. It is important to look after your physical and mental wellbeing. Thankfully there has been a lot of helpful information and online tools to support this, such as NHS Every Mind Matters, Mind and Student Minds. One of the most important things is to stay connected to your friends, family and peers. Ask them how they are, what they are doing and how you might support each other.

Do something to help others. During the crisis people will need help. There are several places where you can volunteer, and to help make this difficult time less difficult for others. These include mutual aid groups, the British Red Cross and NHS volunteering.

You might also spend your time doing something that you enjoy or are good at for the pleasure of others. Start an online support group for your peers, write letters to care homes, share your best bread recipes online — you get the idea!

Reimagine your future. Many of us have found that the crisis has led to reflection about what we want to achieve in our lives. As the nation claps for the frontline NHS staff risking their lives to treat Covid-19 patients, it is only natural to examine your career plans under a new light — even if you didn’t know that you had a career plan before. In times of crisis it can be useful to think about what other rewards you are looking for from work, beyond money or status.

Speak for your generation. The crisis isn’t just going to impact on you, it will also impact everyone else who leaves education this year, and maybe next year as well. Speak up for yourself and those like you. The government needs to hear young people’s voices as it considers how to address Covid-19 and its aftermath.

Another way to look at this might be to consider how you will answer the following interview question: “Tell us about your experience of the Covid-19 crisis in 2020.”

What would you like your answer to be?

Korin Grant is a careers consultant at Loughborough University and co-author of the Graduate Career Handbook. She has more than 15 years’ experience working with students on employability and career development 

Ara Short Film Competition

NZBS School Shorts Competition!

Calling all aspiring filmmakers – Ara’s School Shorts competition is back! If you’re at high school in the South Island and you’ve got cinematic ambitions, here’s your chance to create a short video, show it to an audience at Reading Cinemas and be in to win awards and cool prizes.

Submissions are due by 1 October. Submissions can double as creations made for school projects, or even be inspired by the lockdown so “team up” with your film-loving friends and….ACTION! Competition details, including the entry form, can be found here.


Techwomen Initiatives & Update


TechWomen is a group of passionate New Zealand tech, digital and ICT focused individuals from leading organisations that work together, with the support of NZTech, to help address one of the major challenges for the successful growth of technology in New Zealand – a shortage of women in tech roles.
We work together to help inspire girls into technology, support the growth of women in tech roles and to help develop policy and actions for improving diversity in the tech workplace.


March 2020 is proving to be challenging so far, as we navigate the fight against Covid-19 in New Zealand.This is a quick note to say that we are with you all the way. While we are not hosting any in-person events for the foreseeable future, we encourage everyone to stay connected and share with us encouraging posts, comments and interesting articles via one of our many digital presences. If you have not already, now is the time to keep in touch by engaging with us below:

  1. Twitter: @techwomennz
  2. LinkedIn: Group: NZ TechWomen Group 
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  6. Sign up to our newsletter: or forward this to anyone who may be interested.


We are all ears to any ideas you may have for hosting virtual sessions during Techweek, or if you have planned an event already, we can discuss with you how we can help. In the meantime Techweek want to know how connected are you? Do you know how many connected devices there are in your household? Take our survey to tell us. Your response will help us create a national picture of how many connected devices the average New Zealand household has. Thank heavens for connected devices in our current situation!

Email us after all we are all in technology and, as women (mostly), we are apparently fabulous communicators! So let’s get those creative female brains thinking outside the pre-global pandemic box!

ShadowTech & Mentoring Circles 

We are mindful that our two biggest initiatives Shadowtech and mentoring circles might need to be virtual and be postponed to later in the year, but we encourage you to continue to register your interest so we can come back to you as soon as we can.

Register your interest for either sponsorship as a host organisation by emailing us here