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Canterbury University has recently posted 3D virtual tours of their Halls of Residence.

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Applications to live in UC Hall of Residences in 2020 are now open. Interested students to complete their application as soon as possible and by 27 September.

The following information outlines the application process and gives a quick overview of our accomodation options.

The application for accommodation is completed online and comprises of two steps:

Step 1 Online application form. Students needs to complete this by 12 noon on 27 September.

Step 2 Common Confidential Reference Form. Students will complete and submit their details so that a form can be sent directly to their school for completion. This needs to be completed by 15 September.

Students are required to select their 1st and 2nd preference so please think carefully about your options. Useful info can be found on the Accommodation website (check out the 360 panoramas, videos, and comparison charts) or in our 2020 Accommodation Guide.

Applications close at 12 noon on 27 September. Offers, waitlist offers, and alternative options will then be emailed from 2 October.

For detailed information on the application process, click here.

Halls and villages are generally looking for students who are going to contribute to the activities of the hall or village – who are not only going to study hard, but also have other interests whether they be sporting, musical, cultural, or leadership. It’s therefore really important that students list all their extra-curricular activities in their application and promote themselves well.

If you have any questions about the halls of residence or the application process, you can contact the  Accommodation Services Team. Accommodation Services are not involved in the selection process so can offer independant advice and support.

Accommodation Options

UC has six halls and villages specifically for first-year students, each offering its own unique culture and a supportive environment. Rooms are single occupancy, fully-furnished, wireless throughout and offer academic support as well as social activities and events.

Bishop Julius Hall

College House

Rochester and Rutherford Hall

University Hall

Sonoda Christchurch Campus

Kirkwood Avenue Hall